Marco-The Great Guitarist: Episode Ten

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                                                  MARCO AND ELIZABETH

There was a loud and continous banging at the gate,it was Elizabeth. She had come very early in the morning to ascertain the safety of Marco. The gatekeeper opened the gate for her to enter. She greeted and went straight to Marco`s room. She knocked on his door and Marco responded.Marcowas still enjoying the comfort on his bed.
  “Good morning Marco,”she greeted.
   “Good morning,”he responded.
   “I was scared last night,why did you abandon after you begged me to come with you?” she asked pretending to be angry.
   “I’m sorry dear,I wasn’t happy about what was going on there yesterday.”
   “Oh! Really. Why aren’t you dressed for work?”
He hissed and turned his face to another direction.
   “No more work,I’m going back to school.”
   “Why?” She asked, looking flabbergasted.
   “I was the brain behind the success of Mr.Ola but I wasn’t recognised. I was treated unfairly,”Marco complained bitterly.
    “Oh!I’m sorry. With the level and height of Mr.Ola`s education,no one would ever think that a youngster like you helped him to accomplish that.”She looked at him and sniffed.
   “I can only blame Mr.Ola for not giving you,your own cut of the money. Greed is very bad.We must utilise dailogue at certain times and measures,”she concluded.
    “Nothing is ever going to make me drop out from school again,I would rather apply for a school with a cheaper tuition fee than to sit at home.” He said, feeling remorseful.
“It is good that you have seen reason to go back to school,I warned you before but you had refused listen.”She said.
“Time to go back home now since you are in safe hands,”she said.
“Thanks for stopping by,”he responded. He carried his bag,which contained his laptop and walked Elizabeth out of the compound.
   “Why are youwith your laptop bag?”She asked.
   “This laptop is worth billions of naira. It contained theknowledge fox program. I trust no one in my home,so I need to take it with me anywhere I go.” He said.
   “Wow! Interesting,but you can`t carry it over the whole places. I think you can save it in the bank.”
   “In the bank? How possible is that?”
    “Apart from money,it is possible to safe some very valuable items in the bank.”She tutored.
   “I know but I don’t trust those bank managers,my plan is to travel to Lagos and save it inside a secured vault at one of my dad`s library.
“Guess what!”he said
“Come on!I’m not good with guesses,”she responded.
    “There is a possiblity that my father is still alive,”he gladly said.
“Re… really?“ She stamerred because she was shocked.
  “How did you know that?”She asked.
   “My father`s lawyer told me that there had been numerous online debit transactions on his bank accounts.”
   “Hmm! Strange,dead people don’t transact business.”She remarked.
    They walked a few yard out from the gate when a car screeched to a stop and two men came out of it and kidnapped them. They tried to scream but the hands of the men covered their mouth and nose.Marco became unconcious.
Few hours later Marco was now awake,he was terrified because his arms, legs and mouth were tied in a partially dark room. He was dizzy and his sight was blurring for some time. He was obviously now very hungry as he had not eaten today.
He saw Miss Explicit and Elizabeth arguing ferociously.Miss Explicit approached him with a piston gun and said.
   “Where is knowledge fox?”
He tried to talk but couldn’t because of the his mouth was tied.Miss Explicit untied the rope from his mouth.
   “Miss Explicit..”he stammered.
   “Yes I’m the one and my real name is not Miss Explicit. My name is Rita,”she said.
   “Give me knowledge fox and I shall free you and yourfather,” she said.
   “What! Is my father alive?”He asked hastily.
    “Yes,he is alive.”
    “Can I see him? Marco queried.
Yes you canif you promise to give knowledge fox to me.
   “Okay I promise,”he promised.
“Elizabeth told me that you are very smart,but a little warning for you.
“Don’t try to make any smart moves or I will put a bullet in your white skull,”she warned.She tied the rope back on his mouth.
She   left the room.Elizabeth came in and she removed the rope.
   “I’m very sorry about this,”she apologised.
  “Do you know that woman?How come you told her that I’m smart?”Marco enquired.
   “To be quite honest with you,she is my mother.”She confessed.
   “Holy smokes! So your mother is a millionaire. I thought you told me that ….,” he stammered.
“Our plan was to obtain financial freedom through your father`s invention,but I never thought that it will escalate to this extent. Since your father refused to comply with us,my mom sent me to your school inorder to get very close to you. She gave Owen some money to make sure I join your dancing group,so that I can be closier to you. The plan was to gain your trust inorder to be able to steal the knowledge fox from you. Owen was part of the plan from the beginning but he betrayed us because of his greediness.
   “I can`t believe this,I need to wake up now,if this is a nightmare.”
  “I’m very sorry,I don’t care about the knowledge fox anymore since  the day that you saved my life.”
   “Your mom told me that her name is not Madam Explicit but her name is Rita.”Marco enquired.
   “Yes Rita is her name and my real name is Nneka.” She confessed. 
   “Jeez! If your mother’s name is Rita,and you are her daughter. This means you are my sister,”he whispered thoughtlessly.
Ah−ah−ah−ah,don’t be silly,she laughed.
   “I’m serious,” he said.
She looked at Marco as if he had lost his mind.
   “You are my step-sister,you can ask your mom, when she comes back.Please send this phone number an SOS message with your phone number. His name is Barrister Leonard and make sure you give him the location of this place too.” He pleaded.
    “And why must I do that?”She queried panicky.
    “Do you want bloods on your hands?”
   “No,”she answered.
    “Then do it to prevent any bloodsheds. We are one family. This is the only way to unite us.”
Suddenly they heard footsteps climbing down from the staircase.
She quickly use the rope to cover Marco`s mouth again.Rita brought Mr.Femi to where Marco was confined.
   “Hello son!” Mr. Femi greeted.
    “Jeez!d Dad I thought you were….” He muttered.
   “Dead?” Mr.Femi chuckled.
    “Yes dead,” he said calmly.
    “I don’t want you to feel pity for me son,I made a mistake years back and that is what I’m suffering today.” He said with a feeling of remorse.
    “Enough of that crap,”Rita interrupted.
   “Where is the flashdrive that contains knowledge fox?” She asked violently.
  “The flashdrive is with me mother but I’m not giving it to you,”Elizabeth claimed.
    “Come on! We all know that the flashdrive is not with you,is with Marco.”
She pointed a piston gun at Mr.Femi,but her arms were trembling.
     “Marco if you don’t tell me were the flashdrive is,I will blow out your father’s brain and all the knowledge he had acquired shall perish with him.” She warned.
  “Lo and behold!” He chuckled.
    “You think I’m joking kid?” She said and she sweezed the trigger,but aiming at a glass behind her.Marco and Nneka were terrified as the gunshot made a deafening sound.
   “You see that? Next time that glass would be your father’s brain shattering into pieces.” She warned.
    “Mom please stop!” Nneka begged persistently.
“Go ahead,kill him.I don’t care.” Marco shouted.
  “What! “ Rita was shocked.
   “Come on! You think I don’t know about you? You are Rita. My father’s first mistress and  Elizabeth or Nneka for all I care is your daughter. Which boils down to the point that Nneka is my father’s first child.” He announced and he clapped his hands.
 He immediately turned to his father and he whispered. “Dad check out the resemblance,she is your daughter”
Both Rita and Femi were shocked.
“Mom! “Is this man my father?
She was in silence for some second and then she turned to Nneka.
   “Yes he is your father,” Rita answered bashfully.
Mr.Femi was shocked
   “Really!Is she my daughter?”He confirmed.
“Yes she is your daughter. After you travelled to Holland.I discovered that I was pregnant.” She responded timidly.
   “Jesus christ! Why didn’t you inform me through our emails?”
    “I didn’t want it to distract your mind. You just arrived Holland then,so I wanted you to settle down first before I break the news. After a two weeks,I later sent you emails informing you of the pregnancy but you were not replying me anymore.” She replied trying to conceal her feelings and her weakness.
     “Rita my phone fell into water on one particular day I went on a boat cruise.” He tried to defend himself.
    “That’s a lie,”she shouted. She suddenly recovered her lost courage and  she pointed the gun at him.
   “Get on your kneesnow and say your last prayer,” She comanded.
Mr.Femi obeyed him
   “Rita please let us settle the case amicably,this is not the right way” He begged.
    “Shut up! Men were coming to ask for my hand in marriage but I waited for you. I suffered to raise money to pave way for your academics. Ireconciled you with your heartless father and I brought back your dead business to life. But how did you pay me back?”She screamed..
There was silence,only the sobbing of Nneka and Marco was being heard.
   “You forgot about me and you went ahead and got married to a white witch.”
    “My mother isn’t a witch,”Marco objected.
   “Shut the fuck up! This isnot between me and you.” She countered.
  “Your father must pay for his sins. Without me he wouldn’t have been able to raise money for his flight ticket to migrate to Holland and then marry your white mother. Without me he would still be confined within the walls of ignorance. I thought him all he knows. Without me there won`t be any knowlede fox or knowledge force for all I care.” She screamed out loud.
Suddenly there was a gun shot from behind her.Mr.Femi quickly leaped from where he was kneeling down and pushed her to the ground. It happened so fast. The gunshot had came from the gun of the police that was sent by Mr.Leonard.Rita’s gun had fell off her hands. Inspector James came closer to ascertain their conditions. There was blood was on Mr.Femi chest. He had taken the bullet that was meant for Rita.
Inspector James was confused and dumbfolded.
   “Daddy!Daddy please don’t die!” sobbed Marco and Nneka.
He held Nneka`s very close to himself and kissed her on her forehead.
  “I’m very sorry for not being there for you and your mother. Please find it in your heart to forgive me,so that I can die in peace.” He apologised.
   “I forgive you father!”She sobbed.
   “Always know that I love you.”
He turned to Marco and said:
    “Marco my son! I never thought you would be able to drive my car,but you did.  Although your driving was the worstiest driving I have ever seen,”he chuckled and coughed.
I missed you dad!laughed Marco.
   “I  was also surprised that you were able to find out were I hide knowledge fox. What amazes me most was how you got the password to knowledge fox.”
  “It was the help of your daughter,”said Marco jokily.
He turned towards Rita who was sobbing bitterly.
    “I’m sorry Rita,please find it in your heart to give me.” He said and he became unconcious.
Rita hold him,and they began to cry.
   “I don’t think he is dead yet,he is still breathing slowly,”said Marco
He immediately recalled about knowledge fox.
   “Where is my bag,” he asked Rita.
    “Over there,” she responded and pointed at a corner.
He ran and took the bag and brought out his PC
    “I have called for an emergency med.What are you doing?Inspector James asked.
Marco was too busy to answer him. He didn’t say a word,only his heart was beating very fast.
He opened the PC and he pressed the On/Off button but it didn’t come up.
“Oh my god!The battery is dead,” he bemoaned.
“What!shouted Rita and Nneka.
“What is the matter?”Inspector James asked.                                    
“We need to power up this laptop,”lamented Marco.
What does a laptop has to do with a dying man? Asked In+spector james hysterically.
   “I want to run the  `knowledge fox’ program on it,said Marco looking dismayed.
“What!hands above your heads,all of you. Give me the laptop now.” He commanded and pointed his pistol gun at them.
“What are you doing?I thought you were sent to help Mr.Femi?
“Shut up woman! Orders have changed. This laptop is under arrest.” He took the laptop from trembling Marco without removing his eyes from the others.
    “You can have it but call the ambulance please,”begged Marco.
“Shut up kid!  Ambulance indeed. My plan is to kill of all you here and vanish with this laptop. By this time tomorrow,I will be super rich,”he laughed out loud.
“Who`s laughing now? He who laugh last,laugh best,he gave a wild uncontrollable laughter in the air.
This is just the beginning of the story!!!

The greed continues,who is going to win? Greed or knowledge?

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