Striving For Knowledge-Episode Five

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Femi journeyed from Abraka,Delta State to his village in Ekiti State. It was a peaceful place as usual irrespective of the recent herdsmen attack on the nearest village.
It had been a long time that he came to the village.He had always wished to return to his village in a grandiose way. However, this time he had more pressing issues to tackle. Without going home, he went directly towards the native doctor old hut.
“Hellois anybody here?”He saluted.
“Ti o j nib?(Who is there?) A voice answered from inside the hut.
“Baba is Femi, hesaid. The old man came out from his hut. “Femi is this you?”
“YesBaba.Whoa!Good to see you again my son, it’s been a very long time.”
“Yes Baba!”
“You are welcome my son. Come inside and have a sit”. “Thank you Baba.”
“I know that a lizard doesn’t walks on the daylight for nothing. I hope all is well with you and your business.”
“Baba all is not well at all. As we are talkingnow, I have almost lost my business. Somany challenges fighting me now. That is why I have come to see you for solution.”
“Don’t worry my son; o je daradara(it is well). Give me some time to consult `Ifa` in my sacredinnertemple. I shall be back in a minute.” He said and he took a step backward and stamped his feet on the mud floor.
“OkayBaba,thank you very much.” He responded calmly.
After some minutes, he came out and sat opposite Femi.
“Baba I hope all is well?” Femi asked in much agitation.
“Ahem!”He cleared his throat. “My son, all is not well,” said Baba.
“Ah!What is the problem Baba?” He asked hastily looking confused.
“It is one of your fingers that are scratching your eyes,” answered Baba.
“Ah! You speak in riddles Baba,I do not understand you.”
    “The architect of your problems lies within you. Use your tongue to count your teeth.” Baba decried.
     “Baba I still don’t understand you,” he said as he became more perplexed.
“I’m disappointed to inform you that your father is the architect of all your problems.” He slammed.
“What! I said it. I already suspected it because I refused to give him the money which he requested.”
   He got up from the wooden chair and thanked the Baba.Baba dismissed him after Femi emptied his pocket into the calabash and he headed for his father`s compound.
Femi arrived at his father`s compound with a massiverage. He was disappointed that his father sought his downfall and failure despite all he had done for him and his brothers.
He met his father sitting outside enjoying the evening splendor.
He went directly into the house without greeting his father. Mr.Ade was surprised at his actions.Mr.Ade went inside the house to greet him.
“Good evening my son. You did not inform me that you were coming to the village today, he said looking confounded.
“Oh! You want me to inform you that I’m on the way to the village so you can plan accident for me right?” Femi asked rhetorically.
“Haba! What do you mean by that my son?” Mr.Ade asked with surprise written all over his face.
“Oh! You think I do not know all of your evil plans. After you refused to train all of us in school, you still want to ruin my life and my business.” He hissed.
“Oluwa oh!Are you mad? Do you know that it is your father that you are talking to like this?”Mr.Ade queried furiously.
“You are complaining about my inability to train you in school. kò baba mi irin mi niile-iwe?(Did my father train me in school).I don’t know why youths of this generation are so lazy. They are all running away from farming and trying to work in an office. Whether you are a teacher or a banker or lawyer, withoutusthere would be no food.” He preached.
“Papa just stops beating around the bush! You know exactly what I’msaying. You are responsible for my misfortunes. I have no home or business anymore in the city because of you.” He accused.
“What!”Mr.Ade interjected.
“I know you be to a fetish man, but I never thought that you are this wicked and cruel even to your own children.     I li Adehun(I’m disappointed),”said Femi with a loud voice.
“I can see that you have started injectingthose hard drugs that most youths in township usually consume.          “Have you gone bananas?” His father asked angrily with eyes wide opened.
“In fact I don’t have your time anymore. You cease to be my father. Ican`t be a son to a wicked man.I’m here to start a farm inorder to finish my school. So stay out of my way because you have done enough damage to my life,” he threatened his father angrily.
His father hissed and said:
“You want to go school at this age, when your mates are getting married and giving their parents grandchildren. Look at his head like a monkey.blsiile−iwe(Monkey goes to school).Femi walked away angrily. He went outside and sat down on a chair made with bamboos; he nodded his head like an agama lizard. Hisfather continue to scold him from inside the house. How dare you address me in a manner less way and even called me a wizard? Iyoo fi o pekosikan o gbiyanjukojuawnkiniun(I will show you that no one dares challenge the lion.” He threatened very seriously.
     There were constant misunderstanding and duel between father and son each day. Femi began to hate his father even more. He began farming in the village, but despite all his toiling and hard work, something strange happened.Most of his farm produce were not good for that year.
    Rita was always communicating with him through phone calls and letters. She prayed regularly for his success as well as for his happiness.
She usually experience increasing numbers of young men who came in one disguise or another, but she turned them down. She politely declined their dates and forgot about them the next moment.
She had sent Femi some money that bailed him out from debt and his academic expenses.
He finally enrolled for his WAEC examination.On the first day to the exam, he was very sick but he tried his best to sit for the first paper. He was able to complete the exam and he came out in flying colors.It was really a landmark achievement for him and a dream realized.
The next year he took a JAMB form and he was taken to a Centre at Ado−Ekiti for his exam. He arrived there a day before the day of the exam because he had no relative in Ado−Ekiti. He ended up sleeping in a mosque. Despite the huge financial sacrifice and discomfort, he failed his JAMB exam.
He was relentless and he continued to press forward to the extent that he had taken histhird JAMB exam but still did not make it.Femi was still persistent because he believed that one day he wouldsmile. He kept buying JAMB form until he had purchased his sixth JAMB form. Nevertheless, this time around, he was very desperate and ambitious to make it.
He discovered that, whenever he had entered into the examination hall and the examination had commenced, everything he had read would just disappear. He had suffered a lot− sleeping in shops, mosques and even an abandoned vehicle. Mosttimes, it was either he was robbed or seriously attacked by battalions of mosquitoes. This is not what he wanted to experience again for failing.
   Therefore, he went to meet Baba at his shrine.Baba instructed him to bring a white cock,alligatorpepper,honey, a female tortoise, and a lizard. According to him, all these above−mentioned items  would be neededto prepare a charm to revive and boost his memory. After the charm, he would be able to strike a note in the examination hall.
Obviously, he had no money at that time; he had to send a message to Rita so she can send him some money.Baba did the fetish preparation, and then he gave it to him. Femi was sure that he was going to make it this time.
During the exam, he remembered most things he had read and he answered the questions he needed to answer without any atom of delay; he gladly submitted and went home.
When the result was finally out, he ran with a heart full of joy to the cyber café to check his name but he discovered that it was the worst failure ever.
He was confused and then he decided to travel back to Abraka to meet Rita for her candid advice on his present pitiable condition. He was sure that this was the evil handcraft of his father. He embarked on his journey to Abraka without informing anyone especially his father.
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