The Birth Of A N New Down-Marco Genesis

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                                            THE BIRTH OF A NEW DAWN

Miss Christine assisted Femi in joining the Royal Air force of Netherlands. He worked in the Military as a Computer programmer in Hague,SouthHolland. Amsterdam remained the capital of Holland but Hague was the seat and house of Dutch government and parliament. One hundred and fifty embassies including the Nigeria embassy was also located in Hague. He played his skills and ingenuity in computers and artificial intelligence. He was responsible for programming their drones, jet air strikes, training simulations, fixing computer bugs and virus attacks.
Miss Christine parents were the Maverick family; they had many connections in Europe. Miss Christine was their only child and heir. With time, the love between Christine and Femi waxed stronger and they got married, so Christine moved from Amsterdam to Den Hague.
All the family members of Christine were all present for the marriage ceremony except Femi’s family members. Emily and Diana came to live with Femi and their Mother. They lived together as one happy family.
Two years later, they had a son, andMrs. Christine Ade called him Marco while Femi called him Adekunle.Marco took after his mother`s color and he looked adorable and fragile.
Little Marco celebrated his birthday in a grandiose way. Family friends and well−wishers came from Venice, Hague and within Amsterdam to celebrate with him. There was a party for children and another party for adults. Adults were dressed smartly on jeans and they danced until dawn.
Femi,Chrisitne,Marco and friends
There were many things, to eat and drink. Marco’s grandfather bought him a little guitar as a present. His grandfather was a renowned guitarist. He wished to pass on the legacy to his only male grandchild.
Marco grew fast with nice curly hairs. When Marco was five years old, he lost his mother to a deadly cancer.
The death of Miss Christine was a great loss to Femi and her family. Christine’s parents came and they took Emily and Diana away with them. They left Marco with Femi because he was accustomed with staying with his father.
Femi had to gather all his pieces together and he moved forward. He built a private library and named it after Christine.
He finally made a drastic decision to resign from military and move back to Nigeria. He wanted to return to Nigeria to build libraries and build his own software company.Moreover, getting a nanny from Holland to watch over Marco would be very difficult. Unlike Africa, where one can easily get a family member or a nanny to take care of your children.Many Philippines womenare employed by agencies as nannies or caregivers in countries like U.S.A, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia etc. However, in Holland Femi would not be able to cope without a nanny or caregiver.Emily and Diana wanted to come with him but their grandparents refused.
Femi travelled back to Nigeria together with Marco. He established a company at Ibadan. He bought a house, employed a butler, a foreigncook, and employed a nanny from Nigeria to take care of Marco. He also registered Marco in one of the best schools. Nevertheless, Marco dislike going to school. All he wanted was to be a dancer and guitarist. Marco was proficient in all musical equipment. He founded the MOAB dancers−this a group for ballets. Most times, hewas always found moving around with his guitar as he played it all over the school and streets.

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