Your “YES” is on its way to Propel You

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They can’t stop your YES

Today, I want to talk to you about your YES I COMING. You may have gone so many NOs. You may have had a lot of NOs in the past. Your dreams have not come true. But God is saying your YES IS COMING. What has not worked out in the past God is about to make happen. God will reverse the NOs. The times you have been denied, turned down. Told thanks oh No. Yes is coming to the dream you have been pursing. People may have been telling you NO. No; to your talent.  No; to your dreams, No; to your idea.


Their NOs; doesn’t cancel God’s YES. YES to the increase. YES to the open door. YES to new opportunity.

God is going to put you at the right place at the right time.  The favor of God will bring you into your YES.

God is going to have the right people put in the good work for you. You may not think you have the connection but you have someone who stretched forth the heavens and spread forth the earth. God is not only guiding your steps. He is lining up the people you need. He is arranging things in your favor for you. Are you letting the disappointment, the distress, the delay, convincing you that is not going to happen? You may not have seen it yet but your YES IS COMING.

The dream Job that God has placed in your heart has already been stamped with YES. If you are going to see your YES, You need to be determined. Keep asking, keep believing, keep praying, keep hoping, keep dreaming, and keep going. The NOs are part of your YES. It is a part of your destiny. It is your road to your destiny. If one door closes, try another door. If one company says NO, try another company. If one Bank says NO, try another Bank. If one firm says NO, try another firm. If one partner says NO, try another partner. If one solution says NO, try another solution. If one team says NO, try another team. When the cloud is filled with water, it empties itself upon the earth. Let’s see how long they can hold you if you believe. There are YES in your future that is going to thrust you to the next level. Your YES is on the way. Get ready for your dream job.

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