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Getting a job in Nigeria can be frustrating. I graduated from one of the University of Technology in Nigeria. While in school i was always made to believe that having a good grade guaranty getting a good job, so i ensure i dedicated most of my time reading my books probably to graduate with a first class but unfortunately i ended up being a second class upper student despite denying myself of many school funs. I feel like turning back the hands of time for me to enjoy enough school life sha….Laughs !

i was posted to Abuja for my NYSC . The joy of serving in Abuja really increased my hope of getting a job with all the stories i have heard about Abuja Big men connections. I served with a federal government agency, so i always at have it at the back of my mind that before i finish my NYSC i will be retained by one of my Ogas because of my dedication to work . Months passed till the day of POP i was unable to secure appointment in this agency. It was then reality begin to dawn on me that i will soon be among the jobless Nigerian youth, i started collecting friends Cv for editing. After getting satisfaction from editing my friends CV. I started applying for online jobs ranging from government vacancies ,NGOS and also private jobs …Two months passed after POP i am yet to secure my first interview, I was beginning to get disturbed maybe i have not been doing the right thing , i had to rewrite my CV again.

Luckily on the third month , i got invited for the Federal Road Safety Training , i was so happy that i will soon get a job with this invitation, my hope was really high. I joined a thread about the FRSC screening here on Online ,collected past questions from people on the thread all in the name of preparing for the big day….Fast-forward to the day of the screening, i got to the venue which happens to be army barracks around 6AM in the morning but surprisingly i met a lot of people mostly men and women with big pot bellies ,it was then i know the hustle is real….We were made to line up inside the sun for our document verification. After some minutes, Nigerian factor of MAN KNOW MAN started playing in from the queue ,so i couldn’t get attended to until 10pm in the night ,this makes me to sleep inside the barracks that night because its already late . The second day ,we were made to run some kilometers in batches, it was that day i know the problem of having pot belly, i could remember while people with pot bellies are running , they also have the responsibility of carrying the load of their pot bellies along   , so most of them ended up walking and got disqualified immediately, but don’t get it twisted i qualified for the next stage , I am not among the pot bellied …but at the end of all other exercises i couldn’t make it to the final selection stage due to what i mentioned earlier “MAN KNOW MAN”.


Experience from my job hunt so far was the recent first bank screening exam that i did, I traveled all the way from kwara state to Abuja for it…I read to the extent that started that i started singing with current affairs question and answers but only to meet an entirely mind wicked questions conducted by HCP on the exam day, i managed to score 38% at the end of the test ……HCP(HR) people, Thank you for making look like an olodo oh(dumb) .

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This month makes it a year of my job hunt . I am still applying for jobs and also trying to learn a skill so that i can employ myself if government and privates firms refuse to employ me


I never ever felt getting a job would be hard for me. As a top class student in the University, I felt I’d have a myriad of jobs to choose from when I graduate. In my 2nd year in school, I had already subscribed to some popular job sites online and with the number of vacancies they churn out every day, I felt, why would anyone say they couldn’t get jobs or that there are no jobs, when it was apparent that firms were practically competing in the search for prospective employees. It really used to amaze me until “owu” blew me…

The plan I had in mind was to do an internship in a prestigious organization before NYSC and then come back after NYSC to secure a position as a staff in that organization or in a better one entirely. And may I bring it to your notice brothers and sisters of God, I am still searching. Me, the self-proclaimed top student in the University…. Anyways I haven’t lost hope, but I’ve learn a great deal.

One of the memorable experiences I had in my job search struggle was my interview with a popular food company in Lagos. It was one of my first interviews, so one may feel that I would be a little naive, however I was very confident I would do well as I felt it wasn’t a big task. I was good at communication and public speaking as I led so many presentations back in school so an interview wasn’t going to be that hard, I thought.

The morning of the interview, I woke up by 4am, took my bath and got dressed before 5am, had a short prayer with my mum over the interview and then left the house around 5:30am,( I stay in Badagry, which is like another state entirely, so you have leave home very early if you want to make it to anywhere on the mainland or island before 9am) I already had the address of the organization I was going to, but I didn’t know the place, I had the help of google map and Lagos bus drivers, so I was covered, or so I thought.

My ordeal started when I got to Iyana Ipaja and was supposed to take another bus to Ikeja, prior to this time I had never been to Ikeja, so when I started hearing buses calling “Ikeja along” and others calling “Ikeja inside” I was confused. I was like which one is going to Ikeja naw?? After pondering for a while, I decided to ask one woman selling jewelry on the roadside. I approached her and said, “Madam, please where can I get a bus going to Ikeja?”

she looked at me suspiciously and turned to a young girl seating close to her, who would probably have been her daughter and asked her “ki lo wi?” meaning “what did she say?”

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As someone who was bred and ‘buttered’ in Lagos now, I quickly repeated the question again in Yoruba, only for the woman to look at me and hiss.

“so you know how to speak Yoruba since, you were now shaping your mouth and speaking oyibo English for us? Big madam! You went to school, we have seen you!” She mouthed in Yoruba.

I was surprised, it was only a question I asked, I thought. After about 2 minutes of realizing the woman wasn’t going to say any other thing, her daughter decided to help me.

“Go that garage, tell them say…” she started to say, only for the woman to cut her short again..

“why are you telling her? is she blind? can’t she hear conductors calling Ikeja inside everywhere?” she spoke in yoruba.

“sebi you went to school?” she turned to ask me, still in yoruba, “didn’t you see all these conductors calling Ikeja inside? they are the one going inside Ikeja” she finished off with snort.

Shocked and weak, I thanked the woman and walked towards the bus calling Ikeja inside. I asked the conductor how much the fare was and he told me #300. I quickly sat in and was waiting for the bus to fill up, only for the conductor to announce that the fare was now #400. Everybody inside the bus started shouting and abusing the conductor, why was he hiking the price? was it because his bus was the only one at the garage and people were late? they were all asking and shouting all at once, the conductor kept on hammering that it was #400 and if anyone didn’t want to go, the person could equally come down. Everybody started getting down from the bus in annoyance and me, the newbie, also joined them, thinking “no be me conductor go scam this morning”
When the conductor realized people were getting down, he shouted “oya enter for #300, hold your change oh, I no get change…” before the man had even finished his speech, see men and women in suit scrambling to get back into the bus, both people that got down from the bus and people that were standing at the garage waiting for another bus. In the event of the scrambling, I was shoved and pushed and still didn’t get a seat.

I had to wait for over 20 minutes for another bus, which I managed to struggle and squeeze myself in. By this time, it was already past 8 and my interview was scheduled to hold around 10.
After spending about an hour in traffic, we finally go to Ikeja underbridge and I managed to get a keke going to my direction, along with my phone showing google map, I finally got to the address.

I entered the building and was told to wait in the reception, along with some other interviewees, after 30 minutes, I was called into another room where a three-man panel sat, the panel was made up of an elderly man, a white man and a woman. I waa told to sit, so I sat.

The white man smiled at me and asked me to tell them about myself, I started off by saying my name and talked for about two minutes. Then the elderly man , with a scowl on his face looked at me and said “This one you’re speaking English fre fre fee, can you sell?”

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I smiled and told him I could. That I had led a sales project back in school and I was capable of…

“How many main markets do you know in Lagos?, Mention the major markets in Lagos” he interrupted.

I started mentioning the little markets I knew around my area and the man laughed sarcastically, “this one looks like all those ajebo that leave the market runs for their mother” he told the woman seated beside him.

The white man sensing that I had begun to feel nervous asked if I knew their products, I turned to him and said I did and started mentioning some of them, only for the elderly man to cut me short again asking if I use all the products. To be honest, I prefer another brand entirely, but I told him I use some and he started calling out all their products and asking for the market prices and I was only able to answer some of them. He stopped and asked the woman if she had any other question, and she asked me what my strengths were, naive as I was, I said my strength was smiling, that I smile even when I’m not happy, I was trying to smile as I was saying this, but village people no gree oh, the smile didnt come, what came was a rigid teeth showing attempt that was apparently fake.
The woman looked at me with pity and said she had no more questions, I was still trying to regain my consciousness when the elderly man threw the question at me ” If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”

I couldn’t imagine that they were referring to me so I said “what?”but he repeated the same question, Was I a joke to these people? I asked myself. In my confusion, I replied that I would be a bird. The man asked why, and I said because I love to sing. The looks on their faces showed my reply was foolish, the question itself was foolish, I thought, so I tried to align my reply with the job and then I said “when I’m working, I love to sing as this makes the job look seamless and easier for me” which was a more silly response when I think about it.

The interview ended there, after they said they’d get back to me, which I knew wasn’t going to happen. I knew I had flopped big time. I boarded a bus going home along with one of the applicants, so I asked her if she was asked the animal question, she told me she was and she told them she would love to be an eagle because she was foresighted and loved to soar high at all times.
Her reply made much sense and I began to wonder why I didn’t think of that. Why didn’t I even think of being a Lion? so I could be brave and courageous or a tortoise, so I could be wise?

Anyways, I vowed to be a better animal in my next interview. Being an animal will not disqualify me from any other recruitment process.

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