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Striving For Knowledge-Episode Six

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Striving For Knowledge-Episode Six


                              FEMI`S REDEMPTION
He got to the busy town of Abraka 

only to discover that his once small shop had become a grand shop. Rita had successfully expanded the shop and increased the number of supplies. He hardly believed that it was his shop until he saw Rita standing outside attending to customers. Femi stood astounded as he marveled at her outstanding performance.
Rita was surprised to see him, she was happy too. They both exchanged pleasantries in a very emotional manner irrespective of the customers watching them.
“Chisom my love, he said as they embraced and kissed passionately.”
“Madam wetin na! Abeg this una love too much, come sell for me make Iwaka,”complained one of the waiting customers with a bulging eyes.
Without minding or replying them, they continued for some time and then stopped.They stared at each other affectionately and whispered sweet enticing words.
It was already evening,soRita closed the shop for that day and went home with Femi. On their way home Femi thought in his heart.” if I had foreseen that things have become so good here, I would have left the village before now.”
Femi took a cold bath and he ate a delicious plate of rice and chicken. Femi began to narrate his ordeal to her.
    “I have told you times without number that you can`t trust any man or any other gods except Jehovah! Youcan`t succeed on your own unless you invite Him into your life.
He frowned. “So how do I solve this problem now? I need to pass my examfirst. Ever since the day that I discoveredthat a rat ate part of my WAEC certificate, I have been facing challenges with my education.” he complained.
“What! A rat ate your result?” shouted Rita
“Yes part of it was eaten off by rats,” he affirmed.
“I have an idea.”
“Whatidea?” he asked hastily.
“I will to take you to my church for prayers.Life is a race and we all need God to empower us for the race. I was able to build to your business to this level because I involved God in it.”
“Really,you know that I do not believe those fake Pastors out there but I have no option now because I’mdesperate. So when are we going?” he asked hysterically.
“We shall go tomorrow.” she responded.
“Why not today?” he queried hopelessly.
“We go tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday.” She insisted.
“Okay thank you very much. I want to use this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me.”
“You are welcome.”
“How is your father?” She asked calmly and sniffed.
“My father is doing fine. I think you better rest now so that we can make it the church very early tomorrow morning,” she advised.
“Alright,goodnight dear”
They both slept off. Itwas now morning and they both dressed up and went to the church together. They arrived late at the church premises.
This was the first time Femi had ever visited a church. They both walked briskly into the church auditorium.
They sat at one side of the auditorium. The church was lavishly equipped and completely tiled with ceramics tiles. Inside the church was well   air-conditioned.

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ThePastor was already concluding the Sunday sermon when they entered.

“Before I roundup, make sure you listen to me carefully. It is only God that can pick a man from the prison topalace, from grass to grace, from nobody to a nobility, from slavery to royalty, from foundation to pillar, from inferiority to superiority and from zero to hero. Only God can transform a clown to become the crown of any entity. Thisis why you must not neglect anyone.
I want you to understand that most great men you see today were not born great. Many of them were born poor, many of them were born stranded, and many of them were born rejected.
God has kept you and raised you in your family for a purpose. They destroy the life of your father but someone is still left, they destroy the life of your mother but someone is still left. Moreover, I can assure you that person is YOU. Many times, you look at your parents, they work so hard for many years, but there is nothing to show for their labor.
When God sent Samuel, God sent him to anoint somebody king over Israel from the family of Jesse.  Jesse, the father of David presented all his sons and forgot about David. Nevertheless, grace went as far as where Davidwas, and picked him out. His father disqualified him, but grace said the right man is not here. Grace does not look for the qualified; it qualifies the chosen. Grace is that auction that brings someone who does not know how to speak fluently and that person becomes a voice to his generation; that is grace. He charged.
Grace is that preservative anointing that comes upon a man because of the future manifestation; that is grace. Grace is that auction that takes someone from the prison to the palace; that is grace. Grace is that auction that makes a person who never attended a college to become a president of a nation. Grace is that auction that picked David from the bush to the palace; that is grace.Heswallowed hard and wiped his face with a handkerchief.

“I don’t know what you are going through right now. You may be going through rejection; you may be going through total isolation. You may be going through hard times and difficulties…..”

“I don’t know what you are going through right now. You may be going through rejection; you may be going through total isolation. You may be going through hard times and difficulties…..”

He paused and made a triumphant sound.
Members of the congregation stood on their feet.
“But I have good news for you today−I see divine grace taking you out.Amen, echoed the congregation in accordance.

“I speak over your life that grace that picked Joseph from the prison to the palace will single you out in Jesus name,”he prayed earnestly


“Amen!” They echoed.

Receive grace! Receive undeniable grace!


Amen! Thecongregation responded in accordance.

I see you coming out of that rejection, I see you coming out of that prison and bondage, he prophesied.


“Amen! Amen!” the congregation roared aloud.
During the prayer and prophesysession, members of the church were running towards the church`s Altar to sow a seed of faith. Femiwas puzzled by their reactions.
After the exhortation, more prayers followed and they terminated the service with a closing prayer. Everyone went home except those who wanted to see PastorMatthew. Femi and Rita waited to meet the Pastor for counseling.
“Good morning Pastor,” greetedRita
“Good morning my daughter, how are you doing?” asked Pastor Matthew.
“I’m fine Pastor,” saidRita with a warm smile
Femi took a good look at Pastor Matthew.
”The guy is doing well for himself,” he thought.
Pastor Matthew was a young man of same age as that of Femi. He studied law from one of the prestigious university in London and practiced law over there for ten years before God called him. He came back to Nigeria and he single−handedly built this church.
He usually took time to blow his own horn, about how he did build the house of God without the financial assistance of any of his members. He recounted how he joined the laborers and masons; carrying concretes, cements and blocks during the erecting of the church.He revealed how he sold his wife`s car and his own car in order raise money which he used to erect the church building.Nevertheless, today he has fleets of cars.
“God bless you, your father didn’t come to church today. It is rare for him to miss a Sunday service.
   “What happened?” asked Pastor Matthew.
“He felt sick this morning,” replied Rita.
“The devil is a liar; I will come and see him today. Who is this young man with you?” He asked hastily.
“This is the man that I told you about on phone,” she replied
“What is his name and where is he from?” Pastor Matthew queried.
“His name is Femi and he from Ekiti state,” she replied.
“Oh!The fountain of knowledge,” Pastor Matthew said jokily.
“Good morning sir,” Femi greeted.
“Good morning,” he replied with a smiling face.
“PleasePastor I wanted you to pray with us,” begged Rita.
Without Hesitation, PastorMatthew instructed them to kneel down and he began to pray for them, he prayed for some minutes and then he stopped. He gazed−drilling intoFemi eyes and then he asked.
“Where is your father?” He asked looking very serious.
“My father is my village,” he answered in a low panicky voice.
“Your father is very angry with you right now; he mesmerized your education spiritually that is why you are witnessing a setback in your education.Youaccused your father erroneously and unjustly, after you visited a native doctor who told you that your father was responsible for your misfortune. Your father was innocent of that accusation. The false accusation instigated him to fight your education spiritually with his fetish powers.”PastorMatthew prophesied.
Femi swallowed-hard; looking remorseful, that he had unfairly insulted his father.
“A rat ate part of your certificate, true or false,” he enquired.
“It is truePastor.” He affirmed.
   “That was a mascot rat sent by your father,” said Pastor Matthew.
  “Well! Next time before you start pointing an accusation finger make sure you are very sure. Because when you are pointing a finger at someone, the remaining of your four fingers is unknowingly pointing at you. You are the cause of your problem, so stop blaming others. You would have gone very far in your education but you have witnessed delay, therefore, I pray for you today that the lord will turn your disappointment to appointment, your sorrow to joy and you shall recover all that you have lost. PastorMatthew declared.
Amin lorukoJesu,”shouted Femi
“Amen…”Rita shouted in accordance.
“I see you breaking new ground, discovering new frontiers and charting new course in life. I see you doing exploit that even your generations will marvel at your ingenuity and the witty inventions of your mind. You will be a very great man but you have to go and apologize to your father first to clear your conscience.”
“Thank you Pastor,” said Femi.
“Don’t thank me,” he disapproved.  “It’s the handiwork of God and not by own ability. Firstly, goand apologizeto him, but if he refuses to forgive you, it will be at his own detriment and not yours. Secondly, you must be born again and stop visiting native doctors.” he said with contempt.
“Okay sir,” he affirmed.
Pastor Matthew led him to Christ and anointed him for victory. He also prayed for Rita. They both went home together but Femi could not forget that encounter with the man of God. He had never witnessed anything of such before in his entire life. Rita never gave up on scolding him for falsely accusing his father.
They both travelled back to Ekiti carrying some food items and expensive drinks. They didthistobribeMr. Ade, so that he would easily forgive Femi.Mr.Adewho was already getting worried about the sudden disappearance of his enemywas happy to see him againbecausehe had missed the fighting and quarreling between them. However, he was surprised that he came with his fiancée in peace to sign a truce. He embraced him and everything went back to normal.
He took another JAMB and he came out in flying colors. This time he had a JAMB score of 238.He went back to thank PastorMatthew but Pastor Matthew told him that:
“Only God in heaven deserved all the thanks and praise.” A stronger and better relationship had emerged between him and his father. However, his father was still unwilling to pay his school fees because he was a very close-fisted man.
He was given admission into the university of Ilorin but PastorMatthew  told him that the ‘’best is yet to come, one day you will travel out of the country.’’ Most times, Femi had always doubted him.
Hesold his only farmland to raise money for his school fees and other financial needs.Rita also assisted him in many ways.
He resumed school and he went straight to his hostel. He was uncomfortable living in a hostel at his age. Thereweremany stealing, gambling, and other campus vices. Even most times the lecture halls are over−crowded especially when receiving a general lecture.
One day, he returned from a lecture feeling very tired. The water that he had queued over the night to fetch, someone had consumed the whole of it. This was not the first time it had happened and anytime he raised an alarm about his missing water. His hotel mates that were younger than him would start pouring insults on him.      Howbeit, he overlooked those things even when his pair of shoes got missing, until a day something exceptional happened.
He was using his kerosene stove to prepare beans on the corridor of the hostel. After he added all the ingredients, he went inside to pick a piece of rag that he would use to carry the hot pot and the kerosene stove inside.
When he came out the hostel room, he saw nothing on top of the stove. Hewassurprised.
“Really wonderful,” he thought. He had taken a lot of craps but this one he would not accept. He called his father and narrated what had happened to him.Mr. Ade told him to be at alert that something mystifying will happen to the person who had eaten his pot of beans without mercy.Femi could not grasp the meaning of what his father had said, but his father told him that the person would soon experience continuous and uncontrollable defecations.
Well, that was not his aim, as his aim was to get his pot of beans back because he was now very hungry.
Suddenly, he heard the footsteps of a student running very fast to the toilet. He came out from the hostel room into the hallway. He saw the boy running like an injured leopard. The boy continued to make the routine of visiting the toilet. After he made numerous toilet rounds, he came sheepishly to Femi and he apologized for stealing his food.
One Saturday morning, Femi was washing his clothes. As he was doing his laundry, the number 1 member of one of the dreaded and deadliest cult group approached him. His name was Spider, he was very tall and handsome looking. He had a tattoo drawn at the back of his neck. He ordered Femi to halt his washing and go get him a drink without wearing any descent outfit. Femi was obviously older than he was, butFemi had no option than to obey him because Spider was a 500levellaw student and a dreaded cultist. Femidid not want any trouble because he had passed through a lot to obtain this admission.
“Hey! I am talking to you Jambite. Go get me some drink,” he commanded.
“Okay sir,” he responded pretending to put on a smiling face meanwhile trying to swallow his anger.
He went with his underwear and bought him some cold drinks with his own pocket money because he did not want any trouble. The cultist rejected the drink that Femi had already bought.He commanded him to return it for another type of drink. Femi did not complain. Heobeyed him without grumbling. As he was about to go, the young man ordered him to come back and not to return it anymore.
   “Hey dude! Don’t worry I will manage it,” said Spider with a stern look.
“Alright sir, thank you.”
“You are a very loyal guy, I want you to be my friend,” he offered.
He applauded Femi for his humility and offered friendship and protection toFemi but he declined the offer. He never gave up,as he kept pressurizing Femi to join his cult group. He tried to brainwashFemi on how he would have maximum access to a well−furnished off campus apartment, protection,money, and big babes in the campus and sometimes he often threatened him. Femi was getting tired of his persistent disturbance.  He always prayed to God and was always calling on Pastor Matthew for prayers and counseling.
      Fortunately, Femi was among the few people who applied for scholarship from his state. He was awarded scholarship to study computer science at a prestigious University of Hague, South Holland. For him it was a dream came true. Now he would be free from the life threatening campus vices and pressure from the cult members to join them. He had to discontinue his education at university of Ilorin as he pursued the opportunity to travel to Holland for his first degree.
He had always wanted a western education for himself.
Rita assisted him in raising some money from his cement business thatwould be needed for his journey and other miscellaneous expenses. Femi had almost lost the opportunity of travelling to Holland, but for Rita whofacilitated his journey. He also visited PastorMatthew to break the good news to him. PastorMatthew congratulated him and prayed for him earnestly.
Within few weeks, hewas set for his journey to Europe. Though it was goodnews, Rita was unhappy with it because she will definitely miss him. She was indeed a helping hand to Femi. She was a rare and excellent woman in her making.

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